food for diabetes

In 1951 when she was just 22 months old, Jill was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  The doctors were amazed at this as they had never had prior encounters with a baby that young suffering from the condition.  She says she is not able to remember when it was diagnosed as she was still so young.   However she remembers that she was a very thirsty baby.  She started to wear away at a very young age.  She was then put into hospital as putting her on medication at her age was quite challenging.   It has now been about 65 years since she was diagnosed with the disease.  She has lived a healthy and happy life.  She has her lifestyle and careful choices of food for diabetes sufferers to thank for that.

What Is the Best Food for Diabetes

For a diabetic, the choice of food matters quite a great deal.  There are certain foods that are more recommendable as compared to others.  It is important to note that there is no food that you need to completely stay away from; even those that you deem dangerous may be occasional treats, if taken in small quantities.  Jill shares some of the foods that have kept her healthy for 65 years from the time she was first diabetic symptoms.

Carbohydrates are very essential for the body.  It is however very important to be careful with your choices.  Some of the recommendable carbohydrate sources include whole grains such as oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, amaranth or even millet.  You can also opt for baked sweet potato or foodstuffs made of whole grain with little or no added sugar.  There are also other sources that you should avoid.  Some of these are processed grains like white floor or white rice, French fries, as well as white bread.  Whole grain cereals that contain a lot of sugar should also be avoided and fried tortillas made o white flour.

Jill also recommends to diabetics vegetables as they are a rich source of fiber with very little salt or fat, unless you decide to add them yourself.  Some of the best choices that she shares are fresh vegetables that are eaten raw, grilled, roasted or steamed just a little.  She also states that plain frozen veggies that are lightly steamed are also a great option.  Some other amazing options are greens like spinach, kales and arugula.  You may also consider taking iceberg lettuce but it is not such a great option as it is low in nutrient.  Unsalted low sodium canned vegetables can also be included in the diet.

Some of the veggies that need to be avoided are those that are canned and lots of sodium added, for those who are cutting down on their sodium intake, pickles should be avoided.  Jill also shares that fruits have also been very effective in keeping her in perfect health.  She says the best choices of fruits are fresh fruits or low/no sugar jam preserves.  Apple sauce with no added sugar is also quite beneficial.  Those that you need to stay away from are chewy fruit rolls or heavy sugar syrup canned fruits.

Other foods that you may find healthy are plant based proteins like tofu, nuts, beans; poultry, fish, eggs, skimmed milk (1%), low fat yogurt, unsweetened tea and water- mostly unflavored.  With the right food for diabetes, Jill has lived and still lives a healthy and happy life.  With the right lifestyle diabetes can be reversed.